Books in the Wild is free to listen to :) but not free to produce :(
If you enjoy this podcast, there are many ways that you can help us out and also get neat stuff in return!


A lot of research goes into each episode, which means a lot of books. If you would like to gift a book that will help us to create future episodes, you can order books from Books in the Wild Podcast's AMAZON WISH LIST. You can pay through amazon like usual, and it gets shipped directly to us. Easy Peasy.

I sell artist books, ephemera, pins, gaffs, and knick knacks through my website and Etsy Shop.  This is part of my livelihood, so every purchase is tremendously appreciated, and it allows me more time to focus on the podcast.


Another great way to help get episodes out there more frequently is to help! Are you a book worker or book enthusiast with a great story idea and want to collaborate on an episode? I would LOVE for people to send me links and stories. Don't have any ideas at the moment but still want to be a part of Books in the Wild? I can always use help with research on upcoming episodes - let's talk!